Ginnie Kiesewetter – ESL Coordinator, Tutoring Program

aGKiesewetterGinnie joined LCMC as ESL Coordinator in April 2008 after being an LCMC tutor and conversation group leader for four years.   Before that, she had worked as an elementary and middle school teacher in California (and as a substitute teacher in Maryland), and also spent 13 years in science administration at the NIH. Ginnie holds an MPPM (Masters in Public & Private Management) and a BA in Psychology.

In her spare time, Ginnie plays guitar with a Dixieland band, rides her Harley sportster with her husband & friends, and gardens (fights weeds & produces delicious vegetables).

Ginnie is in the office on Mondays, Tuesdays, & Thursdays., 301-610-0030, ext. 209