English for Daily Living

LCMC’s 8-week “English for Daily Living” life-skills classes give busy parents a way to learn simple contextual English at a low-beginning level in a short program conducted at their child’s school. The classes are presented in partnership with MCPS elementary schools committed to supporting parents’ English language acquisition and engagement with their child’s education.

EFDL classes run for two hours per week for 16 weeks during the school year (usually for 8 weeks in fall and 8 weeks in spring), teaching vocabulary and dialogues useful in daily tasks such as shopping, banking, and speaking with a child’s teacher or doctor.  EFDL with Family Literacy Access (FLA) engages children of adult students in literacy activities while their parents are in classes. Shared learning between the parent and their child takes place with home assignments and four extra sessions during the year for family learning.

Classes are taught by volunteer teams of lead teachers and classroom assistants; children’s activities in EFDL with FLA are led by college interns. EFDL classes are conducted on-site at various public school locations around Montgomery County, and are open to parents whose children attend the partner school as well as to adults on LCMC’s wait-list.


LCMC welcomes inquiries from schools seeking to partner with us for English for Daily Living (EFDL) and EFDL with Family Literacy Access (FLA). General requirements:

  • The school should be able to reasonably expect that 10-20 parents will attend a low-beginning level class 2 hours per week for all 8 weeks.
  • The school should have adequate classroom space, provide their facilities (including adequate parking) at no charge to LCMC, and provide secure storage for class materials.
  • The school should agree to reach out to parents for registration, to support their attendance (including arranging for childcare), and provide custodial support for facility access.
  • EFDL with FLA requires 2 additional family activity meetings which the school provides space for.


For more information contact Jayne Klein, EFDL Program Coordinator, at jayne@literacycouncilmcmd.org or via phone at 301-610-0030.